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More Refined Storage
1.1.8removed some debug console outputs (thx ArtemisKhros)
1.1.7Add 'hard' dependencies to the mod. Prevents loading when 'Reborn Storage' or 'Refined Storage' is missing
1.1.6Multiplayer fix:
  • Glace skeleton's throwable now visible and its potion effect now applied.
  • Spawnrate glace skeleton decreased


1.1.5fixed ticking entity crash.
1.1.4fixed crash when "glace skeleton" should been killed. [Reported by @lilcanvr] #3.
1.1.3rewriting proxy, 'Glace Skeleton' should now spawning in multiplayer servers. [reported by: @Aadoz, @ᗪ丨丂匚ㄖ尺ᗪ and the Kreezcraft Community]
1.1.2Attempt to fix Glace Skeleton not rendering.
  • bugfix "invisible glace skeleton"
  • tinkers construct is not required its optional
  • changed tinkers material & fluid color
  • mobspawning is increased (next update: changeable in config)
1.1.0Big update:
  • Tinkers Construct compatibility
  • GuideAPI Compatibility
  • New item: Crystalized Nugget (future item for More Chickens & Roost)
  • Armor & Tools stats are changed (delete the config folder "Nevoka" to re-generate the configs)
  • Fix for JER: "Structure & Entitiy names are blank"

& more i don't remember pending approval pull-request: More Chickens & Roost

1.0.8Spawn rules for Glace Skeleton has changed: Can spawn on snow block or on snow layer (Extreme Hills).
1.0.7Added "Not Enough Resource" Compatibility, Reworked Entity Register, with spawneggs.
1.0.6Itemhandler fixed for automation (see Infusion Furnace wiki).

Shift click items fixed, items should respect their recipe position.

1.0.5fixed Fusion Furnace: "hopper extracts fuel not the output item",

catalyst items cannot be shift-clicked into their slot.

1.0.4JEI fixed, Docs:Crafttweaker addRecipe (fixed and custom experience)

Recipe button in Fusion Furnace

1.0.3Docs:Crafttweaker support.
1.0.2Fixed recipe for 262m and 1b storage part.
1.0.1initial release.